Online event on the publication "Designing jury and funding procedures" using the example of DIS-TANZ-SOLO, 26.09.2023

The jury members spent over 5,000 hours reviewing applications for the DIS-TANZEN programme. The juries discussed over 120 hours in two sub-programmes and a total of nine meetings. These were accompanied by many discussions on the organisation of funding and jury procedures. The dance scene and the jury members themselves were important discussion partners. Who was authorised to submit applications? Where were there barriers that urgently needed to be reduced for an aid programme? How can a jury consider various aspects at the same time? How can sponsors and juries be sensitised in their work? What is needed for future cooperation in juries?

A publication on the design of funding and jury procedures has been produced as part of this funding programme. It is a reflection of three members of the DIS-TANZ-SOLO jury together with the team of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland. It describes the various processes and revisions of the programme over the last three years from the perspective of the jury and funding procedures that have been developed.

In the future, the paper can serve as support and for the further development and reflection of new jury processes and funding procedures.

The paper was presented and discussed at an online event on 26 September 2023. Important aspects of the paper were highlighted in discussions, such as offering extensive consultation opportunities during application phases, enabling optional videos as a supplement to the application and planning funds for the accessible design of funding programmes from the outset. In the following mind map, we have summarised the thoughts