The Healthier Dance Class

Dance and age

This seminar offers insights into dance-medical and health aspects of ageing and the role of dance for this age group. First, a distinction is made between important age groups and demographic as well as physical processes of change are explained.  Both the movement system and mental functions are examined with regard to age-related characteristics and limitations. The question of how movement and dance can be used in a health-promoting way, taking into account physiological and mental characteristics, and thus how vitality can be maintained, is also addressed. In a second part, practical examples in senior dance will be discussed. Existing dance approaches, age-specific offers as well as projects designed for dance in old age will be presented and discussed. In addition to the recreational component, potential possibilities of professional dance in old age will also be discussed.

What physiological and mental changes are associated with the natural ageing process and how can fitness be trained in old age? What are the resources of dance in old age and how can dance continue to exist and be used as a living cultural asset in old age? What offers are already available and what does the practical implementation and teaching of dance content look like in the work with people in old age?

When and how?

Video registration of 3.5 hours online via Vimeo. You can buy a ticket and we will send you the link to Vimeo. To theticketshop. Available until June 29th 2023.


Dr. Elisabeth Exner-Grave, specialist in orthopaedics chiropractic, sports and social medicine - dance medicine consultations - founding member of Tanzmedizin Deutschland e.V. (

For whom?

Private dance schools, dance teachers, dance mediators and interested freelancers.


A qualification format of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland within the framework of the funding programme DIS-TANZEN in cooperation with the DBfT, ADTV and


The subsidised participation fee of 47 euros is made possible by funding from the BKM and NEUSTART KULTUR within the funding programme of DIS-TANZEN.



The seminar took place on March 5th (hybrid) at Dormund and online on April 23rd 2023.


Dance-medical aspects in children's and youth dance with a focus on prevention

Dance is not comparable with movements in everyday life. Dance movements are highly specific, which is why prevention has a special role to play - especially with regard to training the next generation - regardless of whether it is ballet, show dance or urban dance. This seminar offers a concise introduction to dance medicine with definitions of terms and an epidemiology of dance injuries, taking into account health-promoting aspects of dance. The second part focuses on specific aspects of dance for children and young people. The structure of dance lessons, training optimisation and special features of the child's body such as leg axes and growth plates are dealt with. This is followed by a practical dance-medical screening with checklists and information about typical technique mistakes and unfunctional exercises.

What can I do with children in which growth phase? What extrinsic factors can I avoid (dance floor, shoes, etc.)? How do I know up to where I can challenge and at what point it is too much - resistance and resilience building? Prevention - how do I live up to responsibility in my role as a teacher?


The seminar took place on 22 January 2023, 4 December and 30 October 2022.