Qualification and exchange program within the framework of DIS-TANZEN

As an essential part of the funding program DIS-TANZEN, the goal is to make "new forms of artistic and dance-pedagogical or dance-mediating work, which strengthen the resilience of individual actors in the future and can act as innovative examples and models for the entire dance scene" sustainably visible and to actively communicate these examples. A digital platform will be created for this purpose. Together with dance offices, dance networks and the associations of dance artists and dance schools, newly found ways of working will be collected, discussed with dance professionals and communicated.  

This moment of qualification should enable the dance artists and dance schools to reach a new level of artistic and pedagogical work with the supported projects. Resilience can be achieved to a large extent through qualification and reflection on one's own professional work. Therefore, qualification programs are developed together with associations, universities and experts.


The Healthier Dance Class / Seminar / Dance and Age

The seminar took place on March 5th and April 23rd 2023. Till end of June it is available as Video-On-Demand. To the ticketshop.

The Healthier Dance Class / Seminar / Kinder- und Jugendtanz mit Schwerpunkt Prävention

The seminar took place on October 30 nd December 4th 2022 and on January 22nd in 2023.

Tanz:digital VR-Workshop mit den Cyber Räubern

The workshop took place on December 3 and 4 in 2022 at TanzFaktur Cologne.

Think Forward – Move Forward : Online Forums

Seminars on digital dance education (expired)

LABS - Dance in Society (July 1st/2nd 2022 K3 Hamburg)

Workshop Leadership (expired)