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Stipend programme for freelance dance professionals

The stipend-style funding programme provides resources for creative-dance projects involving organisation, documentation and archiving activities (e.g. of props, sets, programmes and videos), research, further training and the development of works, undertakings and projects, and which in addition cover some of the less visible areas of artistic practice. Funding can thus be provided for projects that enable artists to reflect on and adapt their own working methods, expand their knowledge and formulate new ways of working. Projects can also be used as a way of entering and trying out new fields as well as learning new methods and theories.


Freelance dance professionals are eligible to apply.

The formal application criteria for DIS-TANZ-SOLO are slightly adapted for graduates in the dance field and for dance professionals with disabilities, which is why different application forms are available. Please select the application form that applies to you.


3. application round DIS-TANZ-SOLO expired

The third application round of DIS-TANZ-SOLO has ended.
We thank you for the numerous applications received!

Applicants will be informed about the jury's decision by mail at the beginning of May 2021.