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2. application round DIS-TANZ-SOLO expired

The second application round of DIS-TANZ-SOLO has expired. You will be informed about the jury's decision by mail in mid-January 2021. The third application round of DIS-TANZ-SOLO will start on 01.03.2021, deadline is 22.03.2021.

Stipend programme for freelance creative-dance artists

The stipend-style funding programme provides resources for creative-dance projects involving organisation, documentation and archiving activities (e.g. of props, sets, programmes and videos), research, further training and the development of works, undertakings and projects, and which in addition cover some of the less visible areas of artistic practice. Funding can thus be provided for projects that enable artists to reflect on and adapt their own working methods, expand their knowledge and formulate new ways of working. Projects can also be used as a way of entering and trying out new fields as well as learning new methods and theories.


Who can apply?
Choreographers, dancers, curators, dramatic advisors, producers, dance-transfer specialists, costume designers, lighting designers, technicians, dance journalists and anyone engaged professionally in artistic processes. Applicants need to have a residence in Germany. 

What can be applied for?
The programme awards project funding for creative dance artists wishing e.g. to document or archive their own work (incl. props, sets, programmes, videos, etc.) and reflect on their own working methods, expand their knowledge, try out new fields and become familiar with or learn new methods or theories.

What amounts can be applied for?
A minimum of €4,500 to a maximum of €12,000 for a minimum 3 to a maximum 8 months

Is co-funding required?
No co-funding is required for DIS-TANZ SOLO.

When is the deadline for applications?
The application deadline is March 22, 2021.

For which time period can applications be submitted?
 From May 1st, 2021 to December 31, 2021 (max. eight months).

In which language the application can be submitted?
The application for DIS-TANZ-SOLO can be submitted in German or English. The application form is available in both languages.


The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland strives to reduce existing barriers. Our website is barrier-free from a technical point of view. Unfortunately, there are still barriers in the application procedure for the call for applications. We ask you or a person of your trust to contact us and let us know your needs. We will then be happy to try to arrange assistance and, by arrangement, assume the costs for this.

Contact person: Corinna Weber

Beispielvorhaben DIS-TANZ-SOLO

Die folgenden Beispiele für Vorhaben sind als Orientierung und Anregung gedacht. Hier als PDF. 

  • Recherche zu spezifischen Themen für die eigene Arbeit
  • Recherche zu neuen Methoden, Theorien und Arbeitsweisen
  • Inhaltliche Recherche in Vorbereitung auf eine Produktion
  • Reflexion und Neuausrichtung der eigenen Arbeit
  • Entwicklung eines neuen Konzepts, neuer Strategien für die eigene Arbeit
  • Reflektion und Archivierung des eigenen Werks (z.B. katalogisieren, archivieren von Requisiten, Bühnenbilder, Programmhefte, Videos, etc.)
  • Anfertigung einer angemessenen Dokumentation der bisherigen Arbeit
  • Überarbeitung und ggf. Digitalisierung von Videos der eigenen Arbeiten, Produktionen und Stücke
  • Überarbeitung der eigenen Website, Texte und Darstellung
  • Bereitstellung des eigenen Materials (Videos, Texte) auf der eigenen Website oder anderen Online Plattformen
  • Entwicklung von Online-Formaten
  • Strategieentwicklung für Social Media
  • Aneignung bestimmter Fähigkeiten in Bereichen wie Digitalisierung/Technik für neuen/innovativen Arbeiten usw.

Wenn Sie sich unsicher sind, ob Ihr Vorhaben den Zielen des Programms entspricht, wenden Sie sich gerne an uns (unter Beratung).