DIS-TANZ-SOLO: Proof of Use

Proof of Use - Preparation

Information about the Proof of use

You can use this form and DocuSign to submit your proof of use for the funding program DIS-TANZ-SOLO.

You can find all templates here.

You have to present your Proof of Use up to one month after your project has ended.
Please make sure that you submit your Proof of Use on time!

Proof of use for DIS-TANZ-SOLO includes the following documents and receipts:

  1. Numerical Evidence (Zahlenmäßiger Nachweis, ZN)
  2. List of Receipts (Belegliste, BL)
  3. Factual Report (Sachbericht, SB)
  4. Digital evidence of the visibility of the project as part of the Information Obligations (e.g. screenshots of your website)
  5. Receipts– in your case bank account statements providing evidence of the receipt of funding.
    Please submit these only if requested to do so!


Important information for submitting your Proof of Use:

In order to submit Proof-of-Use documentation, we require a legal signature from you. We use DocuSign for this, as with your funding contract.An original signature is no longer required.

Two necessary steps to submit the proof of use:

1. Signing the Proof-of-Use Declaration (“Erklärung zum Verwendungsnachweis”)

On the last page of the form, you will find a button that directs you to the "Declaration for proof of use" (“Erklärung zum Verwendungsnachweis”). Please sign the declaration via DocuSign first. This declaration is necessary to submit the proof of use.


2. Submit the form

Close the DocuSign tab and return to the form on dis-tanzen.de. Fill out the submit page finally and submit this form with the uploads as well. You will find the "Submit" button on the last page of the form under the button for explanation.


lease also note:

  •    Please send us the documents as open (editable) Word or Excel files, or, if this is not possible for you, as PDF files. Unfortunately, we cannot accept other file formats.
  •     Fields marked with * are mandatory.
  •     No buffering is possible! Please collect all documents together beforehand, then fill out the form completely and submit it.
  •     Merge several files into one document (e.g. for the information obligations). Only one upload is possible per section!
  •     Files with a maximum file size of 10 MB can be uploaded.

Personal and project information (DIS-TANZ-SOLO)

Please use the mail address with which you also made your application and communication during the project!
Proof of Use Uploads

1) Numerical Evidence

The Numerical Evidence is the statement relating to the Financing Plan underpinning your funding contract as Appendix 2.

Because there is only one cost factor in DIS-TANZ-SOLO, namely the funding for your own work on the project, this is a very simple procedure

Please use this template.

Take all the entries from the Financing Plan, which forms the basis of your funding contract as Appendix 2, into the violet-coloured text fields in the template.
Update the date under “Current status” (“aktueller Stand”) by entering the date you compile the Numerical Evidence.
At the bottom right of the form, fill in the violet-coloured text field “ACTUAL total” (“Gesamtsumme IST”) with the total funding amount you received in your bank account.
At the close of the project, it is identical with the amount shown under “PLANNED total” (“Gesamtsumme SOLL”).

2) List of Receipts

For DIS-TANZ SOLO, this is a list of the funding amounts you received in your bank account.
The sum of the amounts on the List of Receipts and the entry in the text field “ACTUAL total amount” (“Gesamtsumme IST”) in the Financing Plan must be identical.

please use the template this template

Complete the template fully. On the list, enter all the individual amounts you received in chronological order with the respective dates.

3) Factual Report

The Factual Report should be one-to-two DIN A4 pages in length.

Please use  this template:

The Factual Report includes:

  • A quantitative assessment:

Under of your funding contract, a number of months of you being your project’s grant holder was set as a quantitative aim. Give the planned and actual months spent on your project.

If you stated additional indicators in the project description underlying your funding contract as Appendix 1, compare these plans numerically with the aims you achieved. (Possible indicators include the number of video recordings, presentations, or similar).

  • A qualitative assessment of your results:

Were you able to achieve your project aims as planned? What outcomes were achieved? Or did you, or did you have to, make adjustments during the course of the project – because external conditions had changed, for example? Give reasons for your procedures with regard to your project aims.

  • The explanation of the need for, and appropriateness of, the work carried out.
  • The closing statement of the Factual Report must be formulated as follows:

“I hereby confirm that the expenses of the project were necessary, that the funding was used efficiently and economically, and that the information provided matches the books and receipts.”

(Ich bestätige hiermit, dass die Ausgaben notwendig waren, dass wirtschaftlich und sparsam verfahren worden ist und die Angaben mit den Büchern und den Belegen übereinstimmen.)

4) Information Obligations

Please be aware that you are obliged to make reference to the funding on your current websites and in the publications (print, visual media) arising from the project.

When doing so, you must observe the specifications of the Information Obligations. These specifications are set out in Appendix 4 of your funding contract where the use of formulations and of logos is explained in detail.

The obligation to inform exists for the duration of your project. Further use of the logo is permitted up to June 2023 at the latest. A completed project must also be clearly differentiated as a funded project from other (website) content.

The Information Obligations were updated in June 2022.
If your funding contract was concluded with us before this date then please consult the updated version on our website.
You will find it under “Downloads for Funded Projects"
Anlage 4 - Hinweispflichten (Förderung und Logos), aktualisiert: gültig ab Juni 2022! (German only)

(Appendix 4 – Information Obligations (Funding and Logos), updated: valid from June 2022!)

Additional information is available on our website under “FAQs


With regard to visibility of the funding of your project, please attach digital evidence of this as an appendix to the Factual Report.

Digital evidence can be

  • Screenshots of your website
  • PDFs or image files of flyers, posters and programmes
Data Protection


When submitting an application, you provide us with personal data (name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, bank details, identity card number, sex, address, photographs of you, etc.) which will be processed by us or third parties in accordance with Article 6b GDPR and which is required for processing, decision-making, approval of your application and, if your application is approved, for the implementation of the funding process.   

Responsible body

Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V .
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin, Germany

Telephone: +49 (0)30 / 37 44 33 92
Email: info(at)dachverband-tanz.de

is the responsible body for data processing.

Note on consent

If you refuse to consent to the above, your application cannot be processed.

Your rights: You have the following rights with regard to our use of your personal data:

  • Right to information
  • Right to withdrawal
  • Right to rectification or erasure
  • Right to restriction of processing
  • Right to object to processing
  • Right to data portability

You can assert the aforementioned rights by contacting info@dachverband-tanz.de.

Withdrawal of consent: Insofar the processing of personal data is based on your consent (point a of Article 6 (1) GDPR), you may withdraw your consent at any time for the relevant purpose. The lawfulness of the processing based on your consent shall remain unaffected until receipt of your notice of withdrawal.

Erasure: We process and store your personal data only for the period necessary to achieve the purpose for which it is stored. If we are legally obliged to do so, we will also store your data beyond that point until the statutory data retention period has expired. In the event that we grant your request and you receive funding, we will store your data permanently.


Proof-of-Use-Declaration and Submit

Please sign the proof of use declaration before submitting the form. After that, please return and also submit this form with the uploads: :

Please note:

Possible errors in the information provided in the form will only be flagged after you have clicked the Send button.
The form will then highlight any field requiring changes.

If everything is filled in correctly, you will receive a preview of your information when submitting your proof of use, which you can use to check your proof of use for completeness and accuracy.

As soon as you click Next, the application will have been submitted.
The form takes a moment to submit. Please be patient!