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Stipend programme for freelance creative-dance artists

The stipend-style funding programme provides resources for creative-dance projects involving organisation, documentation and archiving activities (e.g. of props, sets, programmes and videos), research, further training and the development of works, undertakings and projects, and which in addition cover some of the less visible areas of artistic practice. Funding can thus be provided for projects that enable artists to reflect on and adapt their own working methods, expand their knowledge and formulate new ways of working. Projects can also be used as a way of entering and trying out new fields as well as learning new methods and theories. Note: In the fiscal sense, this is not a scholarship, but a grant. 

Who can apply? 
Choreographers, dancers, curators, dramatic advisors, producers, dance-transfer specialists, costume designers, lighting designers, technicians, dance journalists and anyone engaged professionally in artistic processes. Applicants need to have a residence in Germany.  

What can be applied for? 
The programme awards project funding for creative dance artists wishing e.g. to document or archive their own work (incl. props, sets, programmes, videos, etc.) and reflect on their own working methods, expand their knowledge, try out new fields and become familiar with or learn new methods or theories. 

What amounts can be applied for? 
A minimum of €4,000 to a maximum of €12,000 for a minimum 3 to a maximum 8 months 

Is co-funding required? 
No co-funding is required for DIS-TANZ SOLO. 

When is the deadline for applications? 
The application deadline is March 22, 2021. 

For which time period can applications be submitted? 
 From May 1st, 2021 to December 31, 2021 (max. eight months). 

In which language the application can be submitted? 
The application for DIS-TANZ-SOLO can be submitted in German or English. The application form is available in both languages. 


Here you will find all the information you need to prepare your application, which will be possible from March 1, 2021. To prepare your application for DIS-TANZ-SOLO you need the following documents and materials: 

  • Proof of residence in Germany: 
    Please upload a scan of your identity card or passport (front and back). If your identification does not indicate your place of residence in Germany, please also attach a certificate of registration.

  • Proof of personal professional activity in the dance sector: 
    upload your work biography/vita in table form as a PDF file (no more than 1 DIN-A4 page).

  • Proof of self-employment:  
    you may submit either a recent (issued January 2018 or later) confirmation of KSK (artists' social insurance) membership or a tax assessment from one of the last three years (2018/2019/2020). The tax assessment must clearly show that your self-employment income accounts for at least half of your total income (please highlight the relevant amounts in the document). Alternatively, you may provide confirmation of your IHK (chamber of industry and commerce) membership or a copy of your trade license (confirmation of its continued validity can be obtained from the responsible tax office) as proof of self-employment.

  • Project description:  
    an outline of your project including title, brief description (500 characters) and detailed description (3,000 characters). You can find sample project descriptions at DIS-TANZ-SOLO. 

  • Proof of professional participation in projects or productions in the dance sector during the past three years (from January 2018 or later):  
    you may, for example, submit scans of programmes, press releases, newspaper articles or websites as proof of your significant participation in two to four artistic dance projects, dance productions or dance education projects. Journalists should provide evidence of their professional activity in the form of at least 4 newspaper or magazine articles (announcements, reviews, specialist articles). Please highlight your name and the date of the event/project/publication in the uploaded document. Written confirmations from venues, artistic directors and dance educational institutions or dance schools may also be submitted as proof 

  • For further questions please have a look at the FAQs.

Notes with review of the first two application rounds

We would like to give you a few more hints for the application process with a look back at the first two rounds of calls for proposals. 

Note on the description of the project: 

  • The brief description contains the goal and the most important aspects of the project in brief keywords. The detailed description should then provide a comprehensive insight into your project. 

  • In your application, you should describe your current situation, give reasons for your decision for the projects and make clear to what extent the project can provide you with a better basis for your work in the future. 

  • Please consider in your description what relevance and sustainability your project has for your own artistic work and what added value your project could create for the dance scene. (e.g. by sharing your work results with other artists). 

  • The funding is designed to ensure that the focus of the project is on your own work. It is possible to involve other dance professionals in the project. This collaboration can be included in the project description. You should then also demonstrate that the artists and experts will be paid fairly and appropriately and that the collaboration will take place on an equal footing. 

The following questions can help you design your project description. Depending on the focus of the project, different questions are relevant: 

  • What is your current situation (biographical, artistic)? 

  • What is the reasoning behind the decision for your project? 

  • Why did you decide on the topic or working method (artistic method, research, archiving, etc.)? 

  • How is the subject/method of working connected to your (artistic) practice? 

  • At what stage of development is your project? 

  • What development do you want the project to go through during the funding period? (Prototype, implementation, reflection/finalization) 

  • What experience can you draw on regarding this topic/working method, or with which experts are you working? 

  • If you are working with other people, how are they involved? 

  • To what extent will this project provide you with a better basis for your work in the future? 

  • What relevance and sustainability does your project have for your own artistic work? 

  •  What added value could be created from your project for the dance scene? (e.g. by sharing the results of your work with other artists).